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10 Dec 2021
  • By Authored by Rahul Garg
  • Category Audit and Assurance
  • Views 493
What is Due Diligence? Why Due Diligence is required? What is the importance of Due Diligence? What is the process of Due Diligence? What are the stages of Due Diligence?
08 Dec 2021
  • By Authored by Rahul Garg
  • Category Audit and Assurance
  • Views 643
What is the applicability of internal audit? Why internal audit is required? How to report internal audit findings? What is importance of interna audit? Why you should hire internal audit consultant?
27 Nov 2021
  • By Authored by CA Rahul Pareva
  • Category Audit and Assurance
  • Views 572
What is a Tax Audit? Who is covered u/s 44AB? What is the penalty for not filing tax audit report? What is the due date for filing the Tax Audit report? What are forms 3CA, 3CB and 3CD?
09 Nov 2020
  • By Admin
  • Category Audit and Assurance
  • Views 669
Before getting into tax audit and its details, it is quite essential to understand the term ‘audit’. The word “audit” means that it is a licence to officially inspect a particular organisation’s official accounts and produce a report based on an independent body. One can also term audit as a systematic review or an assessment of something in general.


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