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GST Litigation Services

All tax laws beget uncertainties and the chances of different interpretations. Even GST would not be unfettered from such varied interpretations. These differences may ultimately result in a battle between the taxpayers and the department, driving to a surge in the legal proceedings. Goods and service tax is just a beginning. There are many grey areas in the provisions and procedures of GST. The new regime will undoubtedly take years to evolve. In this evolving process, there shall be several issues and intricacies where a taxpayer may face the authorities in the form of show-cause notices, assessments, legal disputes, litigations, etc. There can be essential matters like filing of application and follow-up for "letter of undertaking (LUT)/Bond" for making exports without the payment of tax. Even technical issues like refund claims may invite for professional guidance and consistent follow-ups with the department on the matter.

Handling discrepancies in GST demand proficiency in the field and expertise in dealing with authorities at different levels. We have been able to build our credibility in managing litigation support services in Delhi by ethical practice over the years. Our vast experience in handling disputes in the laws of the old regime such as VAT, CST, Central Excise, Service Tax and Customs would benefit us in practicing GST as well.

Handling Matters with the GST Authorities

While the in-house team takes charge of the operational business requirements and maintenance of all statutory records, there must be a specialised team who can act on behalf of the clients to represent them before the appropriate government departments. It helps to reduce the consequences of the illicit tax burden, interests, penalties on the clients. It is always better to invest your valuable time in the growth of your business by hiring a litigation expert who can perform all this for you by handling all GST cases in Delhi. Better representation leads to better results, and we at MAG do the same for our valued clients.We assist our clients in dealing with the GST litigations right from the start to end.

Our Expert Representation Team

Our specialised representation team helps you in all critical situations by providing sound GST litigation services in Delhi and across India. MAG possesses a team that acts on the department related controversies of the clients. The qualified members of our team are regularly trained with all significant amendments and developments in the GST law. The team is capable of handling all parameters of litigation with the department officials in an effective manner to save enormous time and cost involved of the clients. Our organisation is also equipped with adequate infrastructure and expertise to serve in technology-based representation which is considered an excellent way of dealing with litigations and disputes in the current era.

GST Litigation Services at MAG

GST Litigation Services at MAG at Manish Anil Gupta & Co. is one of the best tax litigation firm and VAT consultant in Delhi providing range of services enlisted below:
  • Preparing and drafting replies to various notices, communications from the department
  • Preparing and filing appeals
  • Giving response and appearing before authorities against GST summons
  • Represent clients for all GST litigation matters
  • Assistance in disputed refund claims
  • Replies against various audit objections by departments
  • GSTIN restoration from department
  • Revocation of cancellation of registration under GST 
  • Handling litigation under old indirect tax regime such as VAT assessments, Service tax assessments, all litigation services under erstwhile indirect tax laws

The government is making significant changes in the GST laws to streamline the compliances, but at the same time, the GST laws are getting stricter and more stringent. Litigations and representations come hand in hand with strict laws, and our team holds immense experience in dealing with the GST litigations and possesses considerable insight into all the possible legal disputes in the GST Department.MAG is among the top CA Firms in West Delhi which can provide you with all the solutions to your GST related problems.

So, if you are stuck in any dispute with the GST department and looking for one of the Top CA Firms in Delhi, you can contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Any registered person using the option to export goods or supply goods or services to SEZs without payment of IGST has to furnish a Letter of Undertaking (LUT) before such export or SEZs supply.
The taxpayer generally receives the intimation through Email about the notice or order issued to him. However, it is advisable to check the GST portal from time to time to avoid missing any notification by navigating to Services > User Services > View Additional Notices/ Orders on the GST portal.
Yes, a Tax Officer can utilize the amount from the Electronic Credit/Cash Ledger of the taxpayer to make the recovery of the taxes.
An appeal can be filed either through DSC or EVC. DSC is mandatory for companies and LLPs.
Appeal to the prescribed Appellate Authority has to be filed within three months from the date on which the said order or decision is communicated to such person. 
Yes, the assessment procedure shall be initiated against Unregistered Persons if a tax officer comes to know that they have failed to obtain registration or pay taxes even though they were liable to do so.

The GST rate applicable for goods and services varies depending on the nature of the item, with rates of 0%, 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%.

One can register for GST through the online GST portal by providing the necessary details and documents.

The process of GST return filing involves uploading the details of outward supplies and inward supplies, claiming input tax credit, and payment of taxes, which can be done through the GST portal.

Yes, GST can be claimed on input tax credit if the input is used for business purposes and is eligible for input tax credit under the GST law.

The time limit for claiming GST refund is two years from the relevant date

The composition scheme under GST is a simplified tax scheme for small taxpayers to pay a fixed percentage of their turnover as tax and file quarterly returns.

  • Common types of GST litigation cases include:
  • Disputes related to input tax credit (ITC) claims.
  • Challenges to tax assessments and demands raised by tax authorities.
  • Appeals against penalty orders for non-compliance or incorrect filing of GST returns.
  • Disagreements over tax liability calculations, including issues such as the classification of goods or services, determination of taxable value, or the applicability of GST rates.
  • Matters related to GST registration, cancellation, or amendments.
  • Cases involving anti-profiteering provisions under GST.
  • Disputes arising from compliance issues, including late filing of returns, incorrect invoicing, or failure to maintain proper records.
  • Businesses may face GST litigation due to various reasons, including differences in interpretation of GST laws, non-compliance with GST regulations, disputes over input tax credit claims, disputes related to tax liability calculations, or disagreements with tax authorities on the application of GST provisions.
  • To prevent GST litigation, businesses should focus on key compliance obligations such as:
  • Timely and accurate filing of GST returns.
  • Maintaining proper records and invoices as per GST regulations.
  • Correct calculation and payment of GST liabilities.
  • Proper reconciliation of input tax credits (ITC) and adherence to ITC rules.
  • Compliance with GST registration, cancellation, or amendment requirements.
  • Meeting compliance deadlines and responding to tax authority notices.

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