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Shops & Establishments registration may be defined as obtaining a certificate or license issued to business, professions, and any trade registered under the provisions of the Shops & Establishments Act. All the rules and regulations of this Act are governed and administered by the Department of Labour.

Shops or commercial establishment that starts any business operation needs to file an application to the Chief Inspector for getting a Shop and Establishment Act License in their respective states. In the application form, the applicant is required to fill the name, address of the establishment, name of the establishment, category of the establishment, number of employees and other relevant details as may be required. After the successful submission of the application, the Chief Inspector verifies the submitted form. If the form is approved, a registration certificate is issued to the applicant. The registration certificate is to be displayed at the shop or commercial establishment and is to be renewed regularly as and when required

Why is it required to get Shop & Establishment Registration in the state of Delhi?

There are good reasons you should avail Shop and establishment registration Delhi without any further delay—businesses under the unorganized sector witness stagnant growth over time. The main reason behind this is that the majority of establishment does not have legal status, therefore cutting their exposure to opportunities that initiate development.

Every shop and establishment in India surely needs to register itself under the Shop and Establishment Act within thirty days of starting a business. This registration certificate also serves as proof of commercial establishment for obtaining any other licences and registrations.The benefits of registration are discussed in detail below:

1. Ease of opening a current account

Business entities opting for registration under this Act can easily open a current account in the bank without showing any additional documents as a Shop Act license would be enough. The entities can avoid messing up the business transaction with a personal account as it lets you create a separate financial account for the business.

2. Ensure peace of mind for employer & employee

It includes business activities that preserve the wellbeing and rights of the employees and ensure their safety in terms of health and financial status. It discourages unethical practices and creates a positive working environment for the employees. 

3. Enforce better wages and holiday management

It especially pays attention to substantial policies regarding wages and holidays in order to make it more transparent for its employees and auditing authorities.

4. Avoid unethical business practice

It has strong provisions against child labour as the entities registered under this Act cannot hire a minor to complete their task.

5. Promote Growth

It strengthens the entity's roots by imparting it a legal status and allowing businesses to witness better exposure to an uncatered segment of consumers over time.

6. Solidifies entity's position in the market

It transforms entities into a legal one, which solidifies its position as a reliable contender, which in turn builds trust with target consumers to cement its position in the market.

What are the records to be maintained under the Shops and Establishment Act?

Every shop or establishment is required to maintain relevant records and documents as required by the respective state. However, the papers that are required to be maintained include employment records, records of fees & fines, deductions, advances, salaries and holidays etc.

What is the procedure for getting registration under the Delhi Shops and Establishments Act?

Step 1: To register a shop or an establishment, online forms are (Form A) available on the website of the Department of Labour, Government of Delhi. Also, while filing the form reference should be made to The Delhi Shops and Establishments Rules, 1954.

Step 2: On receipt of such application, the Chief Inspector will carry out verification and on being satisfied with the correctness of the statement, register the establishment and will issue the Registration Certificate to the owner of a shop or commercial establishment in Delhi.

Shop and Establishment Registration in Delhi with the help of MAG!

A Shop and Establishment Act License in Delhi is an essential and vital license that is required by the owner of a shop or commercial establishment. Shop and Establishment Act aims at ensuring all benefits to the employees which they are entitled to as workers and to improve the working conditions and the quality of employees’ work-life.

We at MAG provide the best services to get your registration in Delhi region. We can help to file your business for shops and establishments registration in Delhi. Our team is expertised in maintaining the regulation compliance under Shops and Establishments Act for the Delhi Shops and Establishments.

Hence, if you want to get Shop and Establishment Registration in Delhi, you can reach us at Our expert team will help you easily avail the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, registration of shops and establishments is a mandatory requirement. 
As per the act, the establishment includes a shop, commercial establishment, hotels, restaurants, etc. It covers places of public amusement or any other notified establishment by the government. 
In Delhi, one needs to apply for a shops and establishment certificate within 90 days of commencing the business.
The validity for this registration is 21 years.
Yes, it must be renewed within 30 days of expiry. 
The government fee for online Delhi Shops and Establishment Registration is Nil. 
The owner needs to inform changes through online portal within 30 days of such changes taking place. 
No, factories are not covered under this act. The Factories Act, 1948, governs them. 

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