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10 May2021
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Auto-generation of GSTR-2B for the taxpayers under QRMP scheme:

Now, the taxpayers can view and download the GSTR-2B generated by the system for the quarter of January-March’21 by clicking on the “auto-drafted ITC statement” for the quarter on April 14, 2021, and select the last month of the quarter.

Matching offline tool for ORMP Scheme:

The taxpayers who have opted for QRMP Scheme can navigate to the Services > Returns > Returns Dashboard. Then, choose Financial Year and Return Filing Period >SEARCH and click on the Download button on Auto – drafted ITC Statement – GSTR-2B tile to download the system generated GSTR-2B JSON file for opening and to match it in the matching tool.

Auto population of ITC in GSTR-3B for taxpayers under QRMP Scheme:

Further, the QRMP scheme taxpayers can edit the auto-drafted values per their records and save the updated details in the GSTR-3B. The system will show a warning message to taxpayers in case ITC available is increased by more than 5% or ITC to be reversed is reduced even partially, by them. However, the system won’t stop the filing of GSTR-3B in these cases.

Auto-population of liabilities in GSTR 3B for taxpayers under QRMP Scheme:

The liability in GSTR 3B of quarterly filers will now be auto-populated based on Filed Quarterly GSTR-1 and Filed IFF of the first two months of the quarter.

Auto-population of GSTR 11 for UIN holders from GSTR1/5:

The UIN holders must file the details of inward supplies in their GSTR 11 and be generated from GSTR 1/5, facilitating the filing of refund applications by the UIN holders.

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