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27 Sep 2021
  • By Authored by CA Manish Gupta & assisted by Khushi Khandelwal
  • Category Goods and Service Tax
  • Views 250
SM Post Content-Facing hardships in decoding the recommendations made by the GST Council on its 45th Council Meeting. With this short text, we have got you covered.
25 Sep 2021
  • By Authored by CA Manish Gupta & CA Rahul Pareva
  • Category International Taxation
  • Views 923
What is equalization levy? When is it charged? What rate is it levied at? Who is liable to pay such tax? Know all about this new model of collecting tax through our latest article.
11 Sep 2021
  • By Authored by CA Manish Gupta & assisted by Khushi Khandelwal
  • Category Company and LLP Compliances
  • Views 2083
How a foreign company is registered in India? What is Foreign Company Registration Number? What are the documents to be filed with ROC by Foreign Companies? 
04 Sep 2021
  • By Authored by CA Rahul Pareva, assisted by Kriti Agrawal
  • Category Income Tax
  • Views 506
Have you ever wondered why does an individual file his Income Tax Return? Simply, people earn some income during a particular year and generally make couple of investments in various schemes and undertake several expenses related to their business or profession. On such income earned by the individuals, they need to pay some amount of tax to the government. Hence, in order to declare the income and make such payment of tax, the Income Tax Return is filed.

26 Aug 2021
  • By Authored by Himanshu Sharma and assisted by Bhavy Dhawan
  • Category Miscellaneous
  • Views 418

Try to ease your anxiousness with some facts plus historical data, including judgements of the current trends and personal opinions. We will begin with the concept of valuations and the techniques involved, leading to possible future scenarios and how you as an investor can benefit from them.

Is Indian share market overvalued ? Let's explore possible alternatives for Investors!


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