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20 Jan 2020
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What Is ROC Annual Filling& How it Works?
Running of Private Limited or Public Limited Company was utilized to be a simple procedure under Companies Act, 1956 as enlistment registrar of company (ROC) didn’t use to make any severe move against defaulter yet, But Under New Companies Act, 2013there are stringent reformatory arrangements for resistance and if there is any occurrence of default; organization, administrative faculty, are obligated to substantial punishment in money related terms and other non-fiscal correctional results too. Subsequently, it is important that the compliances met with on time to time compliances so as to stay away from punishments or extra expenses or burden. To maintain a strategic distance from these dangers, we can help you by giving services to administrations to ensure that you fulfill all requirements as per the ROC compliance schedule or some other sort of compliances in an organization.
07 Aug 2019
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Our country is going through one of its biggest tax reforms ever. While the whole world is watching the roll out without battling an eye, India is on the way towards a destination based tax reporting system.

Now, every transaction must be reported along with invoice which identifies the seller and recipient of good and services.

In order to record such invoices, the process has been simplified by removing a myriad of taxes. The entire nation, now reports through same structure.

01 Aug 2019
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Worried about ITR? Then this write-up is for you! Before hiring a tax consultant you must be aware of important ITR facts. Read on to know more about ITR filing.

The deadline to file an ITR is approaching. If you have never filed an ITR before, you may find the task to be a daunting one.

You can reduce all the stress by getting a tax consultant on board. It is also important that you are aware of certain facts about filing ITR. Here are some important things that you must keep in mind, especially if you are filing an ITR for the first time:

26 Jun 2019
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We all have heard of the term tax advisor or a tax consultant helps you with advise on best practices to ensure you get to maximise your tax refunds. These people are trained in the field of finance law and accounting processes and hence can help you manage your cash flow as well as taxes better. We all know how filing the taxes can blow up our time and energy, so it is surely a good idea to get a tax consultant on board.
10 Jun 2019
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When it is a need to take external help, it has been seen that start up owners are more open to do so than established entrepreneurs. Taking into account the number of start-ups that fail in initial years of their business, it is vital that they understand the importance of dedicated professionals. Chartered accountant is one such professional that must not be compromised on.


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