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Before the widespread COVID-19 pandemic, many employees planned vacation trips with the benefit of Leave Travel Allowance (LTA). But now, owing to the harmful effects of illness caused by the coronavirus, the employees who had leave travel concession as an component in their salary structure may not be able to avail the tax exemption shortly even in the near future.
09 Nov 2020
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NRIs will have to pay income tax on the income that they have earned in India. NRIs will also require to pay their taxes on the income that is predicted to accrue or arise within India. The money that is received or deemed to be accepted is legally taxable in India.
09 Nov 2020
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Before getting into tax audit and its details, it is quite essential to understand the term ‘audit’. The word “audit” means that it is a licence to officially inspect a particular organisation’s official accounts and produce a report based on an independent body. One can also term audit as a systematic review or an assessment of something in general.
03 Nov 2020
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The CG on the recommendation of GST Council has made several changes through various notifications dated 15th October, 2020.
03 Nov 2020
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The Section 143(3A)/(3B)/(3C) of Income Tax Act, 1961 vest power in Central Government to make a scheme by notification to assess to impart greater efficiency, transparency and accountability. This Scheme can cover the assessment under Section 143(3) or Section 144 of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


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