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Niti Aayog Registration

NGO Darpan is an e-platform maintained by NITI Aayog, which was started to enhance the collaboration between voluntary organisations (VOs) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) with our government. To boost the participation of more and more organisations, the government has made the NITI Aayog NGO registration process online and very convenient to apply.
VOs/ NGOs from all over the country sign up on this platform, creating a repository of information for the government. When an organisation successfully signs up, the system generates a unique ID. This ID is a must when applying for grants and schemes given by the government. Even when getting registration under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, one needs this ID. 
This registration is beneficial to both the organisation as well as the government.
* If an NGO is registered on this platform, it can access various grants and schemes given by the ministries and other central or state government departments. 
It also enhances the credibility and image of the NGO/VO in the public's eyes.
No NITI Aayog Registration Fee is charged from the organisations.
NGOs and VOs can also apply online for grants through this platform and can easily track the status of their application. 
The government also gets updated information about the existing VOs and NGOs operating in India. 

Now let us discuss the eligibility to register on this platform and the procedure for NITI Aayog Registration online?


Any Non-governmental organisation/ voluntary organisation, be it in the form of a trust, society or a company, can register itself on this portal. An individual is ineligible to register. 

Procedure for sign-up

All the eligible entities desiring to get registered on this portal need to arrange only a few Niti Aayog registration documents and follow this online NGO registration process to sign up-
It has to fill in all the details like the name of the NGO/VO and the basic information of the contact person (his contact number and email id). OTPs received on the given mobile number and id are then entered to proceed further. 
PAN of the organisation is compulsory to get registered on this portal. Earlier, it was not a mandatory requirement. 
A copy of PAN is also uploaded. It must be in pdf or jpg format and mustn't exceed 2MB. 
Next, we have to create a password following the instructions given there. Here, the initial part of the sign-up process gets completed. 
After this, one can sign in. On signing in, a screen will appear asking for other details related to the organisation. 
Details of at least three members (two in case of a trust) have to be provided along with the information about funds received from the government in the last five years if any.  
After entering all this information, one can submit his application, and then a unique ID will be generated. 
A link is also sent on the applicant's email id. This link is for the activation of the account. After clicking on this link, the account gets activated successfully. On completion of this event, the ID can be used to avail all the facilities. 
More than 1 lac NGOs have already registered themselves on this platform and are reaping the benefits by getting free access to grants and schemes. It is advisable to take the help of consultants for Niti Aayog registration. This portal also provides information about the Nodal officers, ministry schemes, state grants, etc. It is a one-stop solution for NGOs desiring to receive grants and seeking out for any other related matter. 

If you want to apply for Niti Ayog Registration or have any queries regarding the same, feel free to contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

No government fee is charged for NGO-Darpan registration. 
As of now, the NGO Darpan portal provides for the information related to grants provided by the government departments and ministries only. 
No, it is not mandatory. But to access any grant provided by the government departments and ministries, registration on this portal is a pre-requisite.
The registration, once done, is valid for a lifetime. There is no need for any renewal.
NGO Darpan unique ID is provided to the NGO after its registration and is required to apply for grants through the NGO Darpan Portal. On the other hand, a User ID is chosen by the applicant and is needed to log in to the portal. 
No, an individual is not eligible to register himself on this portal. 
Yes, any NGO cannot apply for FCRA Registration if it is not registered on NGO Darpan. All the NGOs already having FCRA registration must also register themselves on this portal. 

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